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We are able to provide the following products and services:


Regular Brokerage- For those not needing regular and periodic portfolio changes a simple brokerage account may be the least costly solution. We can offer a wide choice of custodians  from which to choose. A transaction fee applies only when something is bought or sold in the account.          

Advisory Accounts- Generally these are our most popular offerings which offers regular account monitoring and periodic portfolio modifications and rebalancing to reflect changes in the markets. A competitive monthly or quarterly advisory fee based on the assets under management will apply, regardless of the number or frequency of changes made to the account. A number of custodians are available for our clients.

401K and Defined Benefit Plans- Whether for "solo" solutions up to larger businesses with many employees, we can offer retirement plan solutions that help business principals and their employees save for retirement and contribute to employee retention and loyalty.

Variable Annuities- We can offer variable annuities (along with non-variable fixed types as well) for those clients wanting a long term retirement solution that provides a guarantee provided  by the offering company. We will explain all aspects of these often complicated strategies for the client before they invest.

Note: Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Withdrawals of earnings are subject to ordinary income tax and prior to age 59½ may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty.

Variable Life Insurance- We offer variable life insurance (along with non-variable fixed types as well) for those clients who need life insurance and also want an instrument through which  their contributions may receive market-based returns. We will explain the pros and cons of this type of insurance versus other, lower risk options to ensure the client has a thorough understanding of the strategy that best fits their needs.

College Funding- We offer college funding options and can establish 529 Plan accounts for those clients interested in helping children and grand-children being able to afford the ever  increasingly high cost for college.

Alternative Investments- We offer a variety of alternative investments for those clients interested in strategies that may have the potential to diversify their portfolios, offer less volatility and address a particular investing objective; such as income generation or real estate investing.


Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Comprehensive Financial Planning                        

College Funding

Retirement Planning                 

Wealth Transfer Strategies and Planning

Investment Tax Planning

Business Succession Planning

Accounts: IRA Accounts, Roth Accounts, SEP Accounts, Individual and Joint Accounts, Trust Accounts, Corporate Accounts, Minor Accounts (UTMA)


Disability Income Insurance- Insurance that protects against illness and injury that can pose a loss of income             

Life Insurance (Term, Universal)- Insurance against the risk that death may impose financial hardship on a family or business.

Long-Term-Care Insurance- Insurance to cover costs for assistance with activities of daily living not generally covered by medical insurance or medicare.

 *As Registered Representatives and Investment Advisory Representatives with United Planners Financial Services